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Warlord Squire Porkchop, aka 'Chop(Xop), of Shifting Tides, Neverwinter

PorkChop (right)
Current Park Shifting Tides
Kingdom NW
Year Started 2000
Company The Chosen
Noble Title Squire

"I saw that cloud, and I knew I fucked up." - 'Chop CK Coro '22


Early Years: 2000-2004
'Chop got his start at the height of the Silver Spire HFS scene in South Texas in the early 2000s. He played along Worm and Pablo the Great (PTG) (collectively known as the Valley Rally). He owes his participation in the game to Berzerka.

Torch Days: 2004-2009
2004: KFM of the Chosen began regularly training with the Valley Rally.
2006: 'Chop became an Acolyte of the Chosen at Spring War
2007: 'Chop was cheekily made an HFS Knight of the Rose and Dragon by Drakknar of Bobsnia Torchegovania at Spring War.
2008: 'Chop became a High Priest of the Chosen at Spring War

Hiatus: 2009-2018

Return: 2019 to Present
2019: 'Chop begins training at 512 Dojo.
Late 2020: 'Chop moves to Miami and starts Miami Fighter's Club with Chairforce.
Early 2021: 'Chop begins regularly battlegaming with Shifting Tides
March 2022: 'Chop wins 5 and Under tourney at Spring War.
Summer 2022: 'Chop becomes squire to Dalos.
March 2023: 'Chop & Chairforce take a contingent of Shifting Tides to Spring War.
Summer 2023: 'Chop takes a contingent of Shifting Tides to Gathering of the Kingdoms. Jan 2024: Chop receives his Warlord title at Neverwinter Winter Coronation.
Present: 'Chop continues to train in Miami, running the Fighter's Club of Miami Dojo.

Affiliated Groups

He is a member of The Sacred Order of the Righteous Brotherhood of the Chosen, Holy Warriors of BoB the Unforgiving.
Valley Rally

Belted Family

'Chop is squired to Sir Dalos, who was squired to Sir Aganar
'Chop's Man-at-Arms are Rook Withakay and Elidibus the Deathsinger

Notable Accomplishments

Named by KFM at Spring War 2007.
Founder of Miami Dojo.
Original Signatory of Wickerwood Chapter Contract.
HFS Dragon Knight.
HFS Rose Knight.
Original member of the Valley Rally.


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