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Consul Marcus Aurelius Gaius Lucianus Cotta "Asylus" of the Celestial Kingdom

"DO NOT stand on the tracks when the Night Train is coming." Kerb, TKM 2008


Asylus Heraldry
Asylus at Spring War, March 2016
Current Park BTG
Kingdom CK
Year Started 1990
Company The Chosen
Noble Title Consul
Belt Status Knight of the Maglight

Asylus is the Fourteenth Torch, and the third Raised during the Attitude Era. Asylus originally became interested in LARPs as part of the SCA. He was introduced to Barad Duin and the HFS in 1990 by Onyx Grimwulf right around the Barad Duin split. He became interested in Amtgard when Tori-Mar formed on Sundays about a year later in the same park. While serving his first term as Chancellor of Tori-Mar in 1995, Asylus earned himself an Order of the Maglight because of a rather dubious incident involving a somewhat large "six 'D' Cell" maglight and a car full of frats. Asylus was raised to High Priest of the Chosen in 1996 on the same day as Dargoth and Dorian Kong, right before Spring War III.

Some Fairly Well Known Facts:

Spring War 2007, HACS Tourney

TORCH-2.JPG Moglogo.gifAffiliated Groups

Tri-Kingdom Midreign, 2008

Notable Accomplishments


  • Order of the Maglight, 1995
  • Other stuff that doesn't matter

Title & Positions

Gathering of the Clans 2016


  • Master Warrior
  • Master Healer

Published Works