Diego Rodolfo Velazquez

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Duke Don Diego Rodolfo Velazquez, of Slaughter Creek The Celestial Kingdom

”Effort creates ability”

Diego Rodolfo Velazquez
Current Park Slaughter Creek
Kingdom CK
Year Started 1990
Company The Chosen
Noble Title 5 belted Knight



Diego is intertwined in all aspects of Amtgard, as attested by attaining all five Knighthoods. He has held a number of Kingdom level positions, he was the 20th and 32nd regent, 24th Monarch, and 34th Champion Of the Celestial Kingdom.

Affiliated Groups

High Priest of The Sacred Order of the Righteous Brotherhood of the Chosen, Holy Warriors of BoB the Unforgiving and a member of the Order of Circle of Greenfire.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments




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Seen here at Murky Waters Coronation

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