Azar of Chaos

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Warlord Sir Azar of Chaos, of Barad Duin - HFS.

“And then we smashed their shit.”



An HFS Dragon (Fighting) Knight and Warlord from post split Barad Duin. Azar is a member of the Chosen and a legend amongst his contemporaries. The next to last King of that realm, he departed the office carrying a clanking bag of silver and gold after coronating a Simese fighting fish, His Most Aquatic Majesty King Fish I. Prior to becoming inactive, Azar begin playing in Amtgard as well as HFS. He is one of the hand full of people to have won a CK tournament.

Some Fairly Well Known Facts

  • Azar is a lefty.
  • Azar is almost always found in the company of Aganar.
  • Azar is one of the deadliest men alive with two daggers. Just ask any dragon.
  • Azar is the king of Deadly Downs, and a noted Insurance Adjuster.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments




More Information

  • Azar on his persona history: "I was poor and had no stuff. I found out if I killed a guy, I could take his stuff. Now I have much stuff."