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Sir Calidorn Bladesemmer, of Silverspire, HFS.

"'I define manhood simply: Men should be tough, fair and courageous, never petty. Never looking for a fight but never backing from one either"-- John Wayne



The Eleventh Torch, Calidorn is the last Torch to be raised in the Barad Duin Era. This may or may not have taken place in a Taco Bell. However asking him about it is ill advised. Calidorn is one of the most senior members of Valley Amtgard and HFS. He is also the the host of Torch Day Laredo and the creator of "No Vote Punch." This drink is roughly as insidious as pain killers but has a much better taste. The first time he brought it to a meeting, no business what so ever was conducted. These days, we share it as a sacrament afterwards as a way ceremonially bring things to a close.

Affiliated Groups

Calidorn is a High Priest of The Chosen.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of Silverspire, HFS

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