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Count Sir Aganar Ky'Slaron, of Barad Duin - HFS.

“Why don't you come over by my friends and say that.”



One of the five founding members of the Chosen, Aganar predates the Barad Duin split. He along with many other Torches wrote and revised the original HFS rulebook and corpora. A long standing HFS officer, he was known for his innovative battle games and storylines. Aganar was one of the first HFS Knights of the Falcon, which is given for service in that organization.

Aganar is sometimes quoted on the in their own words pages about the history of the game.

Some Fairly Well Known Facts

  • Aganar is a Politico of the first water.
  • Aganar is almost always found in the company of Azar.
  • Aganar is wrote the original HFS rulebook and corpora.
  • Aganar is nicknamed "the Liar" after the Rollins band song of the same name.
  • Coat of Arms: per cross azure and sable, stag's attires or.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments




More Information

Can be found as a character in the computer game Ultima VI (the Mayor of Moonglow)