Tar'get De Mark

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Tar'get DeMark, of the Wetlands.

”What? Target is all bunnies and light. He'd never bowl someone over in an attempt to avoid a stab, then shiv them. Never.” -Muerte




A Warlord of the Wetlands, noted for changing the way the game of amtgard as a whole uses pole arms. He has also served as an SKBC instructor. Generally noted as the worst person with a pole arm to be hit by. Especially when he's mad at you.

Affiliated Groups

High Priest to the Chosen, and former member of the Rogues .

Belted Family

Before Tar'get chose to drop his belts Tar'get was Liege to Sir Stinkfoot who was Liege to Sir Kardore who was Liege to Dame Amc.

Notable Accomplishments

Sometime in late 2006 Tar'get chose to drop his belts in the orders of the Serpent (1999) and Sword (2001).

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