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Grand Duke Sir Phocion, of Dragonspine

”Remember that there was only one knight that was pure of spirit in pursuit of the grail. One good man among a whole table of well respected and admired Knights. Everyone else had to try to overcome their human frailty, and failed. Deep down, I know I am not Percival, but I want to be, and that has made all the difference.”

"Weak sauce."



"Phocion single-handedly out performs all Goldenvale sword knights combined. His drinking, sense of fashion, and ability to steal girlfriends alone put him leagues beyond anybody from the Northeast." -Glorious

Phocion served twice as king of Dragonspine in the mid-1990s. He was the public face of his kingdom during this time as he traveled to many events, in contrast to most of his populace (similar to how Randall is currently the public face of Dragonspine). His reigns were notable in that he attempted to institute the idea of what he called an "Amtgard Middle Class" where masterhoods in the orders, while qualifying one for knighthood, did not necessarily imply that one was actually worthy of knighthood. He also served as champion of Dragonspine. He earned the title of Warlord with an outstanding string of victories (41?) in a well-contested tournament. Phocion was appointed to serve on the 6.1 rules revision committee by Aramithris. Along with Glorious and Roger, transformed 6.1 into the current rules set. Brutally honest in his opinion on just about anything.

Phocion is mentioned in the song by Forest Evergreen 'the day that 6.0 died'.

He is easily identifiable by his famous floppy hat.

He used to have hair.

Phocion now lives in the LA area, and plays with various chapters in California on special occasions. He was seen at Darkshore 2008, making weapons with oddly wrapped handles.

Affiliated Groups

Phocion is a former member of Pale Horse(?), the Golden Lions, a Claw Legion aspirant before the schism, and Archon. Phoc revived his Bellator Adamas tabard at Rakis in 2007.

Belted Family

Phocion was Squire to Jetara who was Squire to Greywalker who was Squire to Andralaine who was Squire to Deth who was Squire to Gilos who was squire to Tawnee.

Phocion took a page, Quasar, when he was a squire. Quasar left Amtgard to meet girls, and I wish him the best of luck.

Phocion has two squires, Phywren and Finnegin

Notable Accomplishments

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