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High Dancer
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Sir Greywalker of the Celestial Kingdom.

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Greywalker was lost to the Myst having last been seen in the Celestial Kingdoms.

Affiliated Groups

Founding member of the Wardancers

Belted Family

Former squire to Andralaine who was Squire to Deth who was squire to Gilos who was squire to Tawnee. Greywalker has at least two Squires that have joined the peerage, Weilok and Jetara. And his grand squires under Weilok; Emer Cutari Roskara Kudzu and Chiz and under Jetara; Phocion and Stefan.

Notable Accomplishments

-Knight of the Crown in 1992 by Talinor of the Burning Lands. He stated he wasn't worthy of the title at that time but was encouraged by all knights present to accept the honor.

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