Sterling Dogs

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The Sterling Dogs are a fighting company and slightly dysfunctional extended family that begun as a dream of Ironpaw and Feral Lynn. The first foundations were laid in Dragonspine in the summer of 2001 with a few brave souls and a two-drink rule. Over a decade later, ups and downs, thick, and thin, broke and flush, the Sterling Dogs have survived. As recently as 2012, there was a resurgence of active members after at least a half a dozen had to move away from Amtgard based on real life or other concerns. The Sterling Dogs or simply the Dogs value service to the club and to each other in addition to fighting and the arts. Because of the makeup of the members and leaders, the company have aspects of all the different avenues of the club. More recently, especially with Ironpaw at the helm, much of the Sterling Dogs have become the “old men” of Amtgard and Dragonspine, both in age and service.


Loyalty, Fraternity, Fervor

Colors: Blue, Black, White

Symbol: White Sunwheel

Active Members (with currentKingdom affiliation)

Inactive Members (with last Kingdom affiliaitiion)