Xenith Magdelin

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Dame Xenith Magdelin, of Traitor's Gate Celestial Kingdom

”HI Give me Shinnys!!”

" Blood Makes the Grass Grow!!! Kill!!! Kill!!! Kill!!! Kill!!!"


Xenith was serving the Celestial Kingdom since before she was old enough to fight. She has also been known to be one tough cookie and after having 2 beautiful children with Sir Weasel H. Christ, she still manages to impress many with her skills on the battle field, when the little ones allow her the luxury of fighting. Xenith is also skilled at chain-mail and leather-working.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Xenith was briefly Squired under Sir Esuom after dropping Sir Belgarin's belt. She went back to Sir Belgarin after Sir Esuom was banned.

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