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A large fighting company built around a structure of tribes and chieftains, who can be found in almost every corner of Amtgard.
The Saracens are one of the oldest and largest fighting companies in the game.

Saracens at Spring War 2007

Colors are Black & Red. They are probably the largest fighting company in Amtgard. For many years, the Saracen camp, dubbed Saracen City has been a fixture at Gathering of the Clans, Spring Wars and Banner Wars.

  • Saracens are broken up into their Kingdoms under one Charter, but the Saracens of each Kingdom may add their own errata to address issues as they come.

The Tribes

The Mamluks

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Celestial Kingdom Spring War 2008

Saracen Team at Rising Winds Bridge Wars 2008

319744_10150924973792010_1413184421_n.jpg Saracen Day 2012