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Dame Ladyhawke, of Burning Lands.

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Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Ladyhawke had two squires join the peerage, Egil, and Firespitter. Though, Firespitter dropped her belt long before he was knighted.. And through no fault of her own, three Grand-Squires to also join the peerage, Feral, Andacar and Randall.

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Flame 1993 knighted by Aramithris. revoked in 1995, Knight of the Crown 1994 knighted by Ivar. Her second belt was never revoked. She lived in Dragonspine at the time of the revocation and Dragonspine would not relent to Aramithris's demands to remove her second belt. Ivar would not pursue the endeavor during his time as monarch because he would not admit to making a mistake in the first place. She was last seen in Florida with her son Mandrake, but those reports came in years ago.


Ladyhawke's flame belt was removed by the Burning Lands for theft of club funds from the Treasury. The Burning Lands club bank account was supposed to require two signatures on any checks, but the bank allowed checks with only her signature to withdraw funds, and attempts for an explanation of the missing funds were rebuffed. Thus, the belt was stripped in absentia. Aramithris attempted to get the other kingdoms of amtgard to remove the crown belt, but it does not seem this process was ever completed. This information comes from an issue of Tales of the Burning Lands published at a Gathering of the Clans.

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