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Grand Duke Sir Terarin of Shadowdale, Last Prince of the Borderlands and True Heir to the Noble House of Andalsa

"After asking an 11 year old if he had armor over his groin (because he had a lot on his torso), and then proceeding to nut shot him, I have determined that this may be the perfect way that an arch nemesis is produced."



Monster design by Viscount Scarecrow for the May 2013 Crown Coronation

  • Armor: 6 points of natural non-sectional points of invulnerability that can be healed
  • Weapons: a single melee weapon (Seige, indestructible)
  • Immunities: fire, extends to equipment
  • Innate Magical Ability : Instant cast Lightning Bolt (unlimited bolts)
  • Natural Lives: 1
  • Cannot be resurrected
  • Cannot carry any enchantments and cannot benefit from any effect that can remove people from combat such as teleport or Circle of protection
  • If killed by any means other than a weapon of dragon slaying they are to be considered subdued but can WALK back to his general or the Dragon Wizard. When he reaches one of them the subdual effect will end in 60 seconds. When the end of the 60 count is reached all armor mended, all equipment is repaired and all wounds are healed. If stuck by a weapon of dragon slaying during this time they are dead.

Items of Note

  • Authored the Dor Un Avathar, 3rd edition. Credited with the creation of numerous monsters, to include the Dread Knight, Fire/Earth/Air Elementals, Ghoul, and Wraith. Was responsible for introducing levels for monsters.
  • Innovator of Amtgard flat blade technology.
  • Participated in the Inter Kingdom Rules Committee and 6.1 project. With Garik created the rules for the Schools of Magic and global class immunities, and rewrote the Paladin and Anti-Paladin classes. These became standard for version 7.x and 8.x.
  • Awarded Master Reeve by King Phocion of Dragonspine for being able to stand toe-to-toe with him during rules disputes.
  • During Clan 11 (10th Year), for the Good vs. Evil vs. Undead Battle, rallied Scouts across Amtgard to fight for the side of Good under Aramithris. At the time of the battle the Scout Strike Team had more than 30 members including Scouts, Barbarians, and Druids.
  • Created the first Amtgard related website, the Scouts’ Guild site, in 1992. This went on the be mimicked by several other guilds over the next few years, but was eventually taken down when server access at New Mexico State University was lost.
  • Was part of the group (including Greywalker and Terador) that created the AmtMUX (the predecessor to the AmtMUSH) the amtgard-l mailing list.
  • Married to Aurora Selene.
  • Brother of Raphael.
  • Still utilizes the scorpion wrap shot.
  • Look up Anti-Paladin in the Rules of Play up to v7.7 and you’ll see Terarin’s picture.
  • Currently resides in Blackspire.

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