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Lord God, Squire Stylez H. Salezones, of Hero's Pass, Defender of the Celestial Kingdom

”How many Wardancers does it take to beat Stylez? At least six, cause five wasnt enough.” Sir Gekko


Started playing Amtgard in 2000.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Beat the whole Wardancer's jugging team by him self at Spring War XX, as a quick.

Lord, given by Terarin 5-2012
Defender, given by Nesta de'Ebonydaryth 11-2013
Master Wizard
Master Barbarian


King of Celestial Kingdom Reign 61
Defender of Kaembryge
Baron of Kaembryge
Champion of the Celestial Kingdom
Celestial Kingdom Guildmaster of Reeves May-Nov 2014

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