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Current Officers

  • King of Kalladen: Sir Angus OgMacDonald
  • Regent of Kalladen: Dame Elsbeth Deirdre Aldis-MacDonald
  • Chancellor of Kalladen: Dame Sleet Gil-Shalos
  • Gm of Reeves: Sir Cirrus de Vorschak
  • Champion: Squire Loin
  • Weapon Master:

Active Members

denotes original member from The Borderlands


A kingdom in HFS started by players from the Borderlands. Kalladen plays in Cameron Park in Waco, Texas on Sundays. Kalladen has two HFS shires under it: the Shire of Morconor at Baylor University and the Shire of Wolf Creek in Gatesville.

As the bard writes... (IC)

"For years, a secret war had been waged by the vile Northern Kingdoms against the Principality of the Borderlands — a war of infiltration and subterfuge, of attrition. The enemy agents, having been displaced from their previous positions of power, had been leaching the very vitality from the Borderlands and gauging the strength of that area, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The tremendous attacking force came at dawn, marching across the vast open space around the main fort with their torches aloft and filling the air with a dark, deep chant. The true nature of the threat was not made clear until the defenders gathered at the outer gate and found a full third of their number missing, either slain or fled. Princess Sleet stood at the head of the gathered army, inspiring them with words of glory and victory and, finally, opening the gates and unleashing the fury of the Borderlanders on the advancing foe.

The battle raged on as the sun rose, burning through the morning fog, crested the sky and descended towards the horizon. The mongoloid Northerners, pressing forward through the sheer force of their numbers, finally managed to drive the defenders back into their walled fortress. A second force, unbeknownst to the beleaguered Borderland army, had been boring holes in the foundation of the fortress walls and a wide section finally crumbled, allowing another group of the enemy to swarm into the inner courtyard.

Two mighty Borderlander wizards, Brimstone Blackhawke and Malachai Longfellow, decided at that moment to join their sorcerous powers in a dangerous attempt to blast away the Northerners. Unbeknownst to them, however, a cluster of enemy wizards waited nearby, maintaining an invisible magic-corrupting field. The two spells collided and exploded outward in a rush of wild, uncontrollable magic, ripping a massive hole in the very land. Those Borderlanders that survived the day’s combat were pulled into the vortex and vanished from that treacherous countryside forever.

White-hot pain slowly faded as the Borderlanders regained consciousness and found themselves scattered across a grassy mound surrounded by lush forest. In just a moment, they regained their senses and drew together to take account of their new surroundings. It appeared that a large portion of their number had either been left behind or been misplaced by the vortex. After a brief word was said about their loss, Princess Sleet sent the Blood Wolves, a trustworthy and battle-hardened band, off to scout the area and return with a more accurate assessment of this new land. The remaining survivors arrayed themselves around the hill, ready to take action if the portal should reappear."


--Written by Ivaar d'Besu and recounted by Sleet Gil-shalos of Kalladen


Contacts and Directions

Kalladen plays on Sunday afternoons beginning at/about 1:00 p.m. We meet at various locations in Cameron Park; monthly schedule may be found on the Kalladen website. Contacts: Cirrus de Vorschak Sebastian Hawkemoon

Kalladen website