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Companies, or Fighting Companies, are groups of people that have joined together to fight as a unit. Most every respectable company stipulates that one may only be a member of a single company at a time in contrast to Households and other groups which traditionally had no such limitation. The tradition was backed by the rulebook for many years; however V8 does not contain such a rule. Some companies like Asura and Valkyries are "open companies," which allow members to belong to other companies. That being said, joining more than one company is rarely done, because few companies are will keep a member on if they join another.

A piece of history

The First Edition Rulebook stated the following. Companies and Armies: "People who are friends and/or those of a certain persona type may wish to band together. This group is called a company for general purposes. Each company must choose a name, a captain, a sergeant, and produce a flag or devise. The name should be something original and interesting, for instance, "The white wolves". A company of a single nationality or race, say orcs, might want the name "The Orcs". But as more ors show up, they would probably want to distinguish themselves (for example- "The Red- Hand Orcs" or "Slurth's Raiders".) A group of Elves, Danish Vikings, and wargs calling themselves "The Celts" is less creative and not recommended. A company's interest would be preferable (The Blue Mystics' Guild or "John the Brave's Free Company")."

Choosing a Company

"This is like picking a good pair of shoes, get the ones that fit right for you and save a lot of blisters."-Thoron Underhill

Each company has its own policies, its own style and culture. Take the time to get to know the group before you think about joining. Most people suggest that you avoid even thinking about joining a company until you are at least a year into your career.

Additional Information

For other Amtgard Groups, see Orders, Dojos, or Households. Read some players talk in their own words about companies and what we should do about them.

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