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Dark Harvest Preparing to take the Bridge at RW Coronation September 2008


Dark Harvest has its roots in the fighting companies of its two founding members, the Golden Band from Anavrin and the Windmoorian Guard from Kain Elverez. Both companies are noted for having been dominant fighting companies in the Rising Winds, particularly the Golden Band which held the title for several years. After both companies had broken up, they both began talking of making a new company while trying to take the best aspects of both companies while removing the worst. Dark Harvest is the culmination of years of work toward that end.

The company's official birth could be said to be in April of 2007, when both Anavrin and Kain had their first uniforms completed and began wearing them on the field at Gryphon's Perch. Kain wore his uniform to Discord in May of 2007 to try and make a good showing for the fledgling company. While at Discord, Kain met several members of Ashen Hills that he had not known before, namely Elixir, Cinnamon, Io, and Tri. These members of Ashen Hills, as well as Demitri Kincaid and Nameless (old members of the Windmoorian Guard that Kain knew) came to the following Midreign in June of 2007, where Kain and Anavrin began pitching the idea of bringing all of them into their yet to be officially named fighting company, which was at this point being called Dark Harvest as a sort of joke regarding the colors. About a month later, Kain visited Ashen Hills while on business in Michigan and officially recruited Demitri and Nameless into the company, and Tri would ask the members of his local company, Stonegate Temple, to join.

Within a few weeks the members of Stonegate Temple agreed to join, and Anavrin and Kain recruited several members from the local populace at GP to bolster numbers in their home park. Dark Harvest was agreed upon by all members as the name for the fighting company, and the website at [1] was created.

Since then, Dark Harvest has been performing admirably at major Rising Winds events including Discord and Bridge Wars.

Dark Harvest has since parted ways. Its members still have strong ties to one another even though they have joined other companies.


Dark Harvest has been designed for the long haul, and has a system in place to promote local leadership that can be easily combined when the company meets to fight together. All members of DH in a given park are considered part of a platoon. Each platoon has a local commander that organizes the members at that park and stays in contact with the Captain. The Captain organizes above this level, contacting each commander to easily take care of business for the entire company rather than contacting each member.

All members of Dark Harvest are considered to be on equal footing. Even Commanders and Captains do not receive any additional powers over the company, only the responsibility of administration.

Each platoon may bring in new initiates without the consent of other platoons. However, initiates are not considered members and do not have voting rights or any other privileges of membership. Initiates may become members through a company wide vote.


  • Placed First at Bridgewars 2009.
  • Placed Second at Rising Winds Bridgewars 2008, beaten only by the Justicars in a 45 minute battle.
  • Played a dominant role throughout Discord 2008. Dark Harvest also boasted 5 members on the 15 vs. the World Battle.
  • Kain and Elixir were members of the 10 against the world team at Discord 2007
  • Anavrin was on the Justi-friends team that won Bridge Wars 2007
  • Several Members made a pickup team that took third place after the Justi-friends and Ferrum Crux at Bridge Wars 2007.


DH Pole killing a helpless enemy. FEEL THE WRATH OF THE HARVEST!!!!


2009 Bridge Wars Champions


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