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Biography of Group

Darkwater (also facetiously called "the Fishermen's Union") is a fighting company based out of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves that uses bait and switch tactics in their fighting. Led by their stalwart captain, they travel across the land depleting parks of their natural fish resources. Despite the hook logo, Darkwater actually relies entirely on spearfishing... with downspears: downspearfishing.

Affiliated Groups


  • (OG) Captain Archimedes Velasquez (Archie V)
  • (5) Quartermaster Thrash
  • (6) Fisherman Stephiroth
  • (7) Fisherman Spaz
  • (9) First Mate Rook Bearclaw
  • (11) Fisherman Luna Wolfsfang
  • (12) Fisherman Render
  • (13) Fisherman Lothario
  • (17) Fisherman Yoshi
  • (18) Fisherman Toya
  • (19) Fisherman Runiel

Additional Images

Darkwater bc 1.jpg

Darkwater members plotting... something. From GDCG invades BC, 2015.

Darkwater 11 and 12.jpg

"Sharp Hooks, Darkwater!" After inducting #11 and #12