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  • The destroyers of established beliefs.

Faith, Disease, my right to end your life
We see the lie behind the light
Droves of human waste
Darkened by their own depression
Free will is the key to salvation
Look to the heavens to see the sky burnt black
Look to the end where time is turning back
You’re left with nothing and your eyes are empty
Your path is death and your faith’s a disease
Your faith bleeds on a broken cross
Your faith will only bring you loss
Your faith bears to great a cost
Through his righteousness the earth defiled - Psyclon Nine

Iconoclast Members






The Five Tenants:

  • Death before Dishonor
  • Conduct yourself as a Gentleman
  • Loyalty to the homeland
  • Seek to better yourself an your brethren
  • If you see problem seek resolution

Death before Dishonor:
-Without honor you have nothing. There are few things that cannot be taken from you, honor is one that cannot. Loss of honor can only be caused by ones own action. Take responsibility for all of your actions and if a decision is questionable then rethink your choice and seek insight among your brethren

Conduct yourself as a Gentleman:
-A gentleman does not boast. He is humble, and minds his words and manners. The actions you make and the words you use can often times be shaped and more damaging than the blade you wield or the magic you command.

Loyalty to the homeland:
-This company was birthed in the Haven of the Storm and this is where our heart will remain. If the land of Stormhaven goes to war we will fight along side her.

Seek to better yourself and your brethren:
-We came together as friends and acquaintances we stay together as brothers. Always seeking improvement is what will keep us together and help us rise above those who would repress us. As we better ourselves seek to better all of those around us, be it land, friends and enemies alike.

If you see problem seek Resolution:
-When a problem presents itself, it is the strength of our members to seek resolve. No living entity known to man can learn and grow from it’s faults if it does not know it has them. As we seek to better ourselves we must also seek resolve to the conflicts around us. Whether it be attitude, maturity, skill or character flaws we must rise above and seek resolution with those in who we see fault.


After 21 months of build up, Iconoclast Officially launched as a Fighting Company on April 21, 2007.

On our first day Stormhaven had 75+ people in attendance.

After the first 6 months of the company we have inducted 4 more to our cause. With Garth, Mirchaz, Kidd and Lucretius coming in as full guardsmen with in the company.

AT this time Iconoclast is defunct. All the remaining members are inactive.