Hybris Legion

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Hybris Legion
Kingdoms Northern Lights
Black Spire
Crystal Groves
Started June 2020
Colors Maroon, Grey, and Gold
Email [email protected]

Hybris Legion


A fighting company founded in the Kingdom of the Northern Lights by MonkeyMan, Guin, and Oromis.

Hybris Legion follows a strict set of values known as LEADERSHIP.

  • Loyalty- Have faith in the company, and wear colors proudly.
  • Energy- Have a positive attitude and participate in company functions.
  • Acceptance- Be welcoming to new members of the company, and visitors. Be understanding of changes in the company.
  • Duty-Fulfill your obligations.
  • Education- Be willing to learn from company members, and take constructive criticism. Be willing to teach company-mates.
  • Respect- Treat people as they should be treated.
  • Selfless Service- Put the needs of others before your own whenever possible.
  • Honor- Live up to all Hybris Legion Values, and fight with Honor always.
  • Integrity- Do what is right, both legally and morally.
  • Personal Courage - Face fear, danger, or adversity (mental or physical), and never fear asking for help.


Praetorians Plebeians
MonkeyMan - I
Guin - II
Oromis - III
Dogboy - IV (RIP)
Talius - V Puck
Melee Moses - VI
Skorri - VII Gunnarr Arrowfox
Devry - VIII
Odin - IX
Kai Soulfull - X
Unum - XI
Uriel - XII Pyro of Blackspire
Skeeter - XIII Ursa
Magni - XIV
Matrix - XV Pyro of Seaside Keep
Stoat - XVI
Sassafras Vidra- XVIII
Sir Piper - XIX Tarnaith
Cole - XX
Seren - XXI Theos
Zhu Li - XXII
Albel - XXIII
Kodiak Rubus - XXIV Fen of Lost Cove
Sir Arden - XXV

Interested in becoming a Plebeian? Praetorians wear puzzle belts, and wear an "H" favor when they can take on a "Plebe". Also feel free to email us, and we will get back to you when we can!


  • Moses
  • Kai
  • Smurfet
  • Dogboy (RIP)
  • Guin
  • Uriel
  • Sassafrass
  • Arden

Auxiliary Unit

Auxiliary Units are people who affiliate with Hybris Legion but cannot, or choose not to be members of the company. They can be friends or family who enjoy camping with us, fighting with us, or support us in some manner. Auxiliary Units may receive Hybris Legion Swagg but will not be added to any official communications ran by the company, nor will a full list of Auxiliary be listed on our ORK/Amtwiki sites.

Manticore Pit

Praetorian's of the company keep an active list of people who do not meet the companies values, and thus do not qualify as potential Plebeians. Some may still qualify as Auxiliary Unit. If you wish to pursue Hybris Legion you will first need to confirm with a Praetorian that you are not in the pit.

Company Achievements


Phoenix Ball/League

Other Competitions

Battlegame Tournaments

Date Placements Tournament Name Tournament Description
Jan 15 22 2nd Place: Talius, Unum, Skorri, Skeeter & Auxiliary
3rd Place: Ro, Matirx & Auxiliary
Northern Lights Warband Tournament 5 man teams, full class, 3 battlegames round Robin, 4 teams total
March 25 22 1st Place: Talius, Oromis, Magni, Kai, Matrix & Auxilary NLCC Team Tournament 7 Man Teams full class
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Fighting Tournaments

Date Event Placements
July 11 21 Viridian Outlands Weaponmaster Dogboy 2nd Place
Aug 8 21 Northern Lights Weaponmaster Dogboy 1st Place ; Devry 3rd Place
Aug 28 21 The Morrigan Tournament Smurfet 1st Place ; Ro 3rd Place
Sep 18 21 Keep on the Borderlands Hammer of God Cup Dogboy 5th Place
Sep 25 21 Northern Lights Warskill Tournament Devry 1st Place
Sep 25 21 Northern Lights Archery Tournament Skorri 1st Place
Oct 30 21 Viridian Outlands Tournament of the Cornet Devry 1st Place
Dec 12 21 BlackSpire Weaponmaster Devry 2nd Place
Dec 18 21 The Morrigan Tournament Ro 1st Place
Jan 30 22 Viridian Outlands Weaponmaster Devry 1st Place ; Oromis 2nd Place
Feb 27 22 Northern Lights Warskill Tournament Devry 2nd Place ; Oromis 3rd Place


Social Media

Facebook Group(Members Only)
Templates for member use: Hybris Legion Templates

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