Peregrine Guard

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Peregrine Guard

"Eat Like Kings! Drink Like Pirates!"

Company colours: Purple and black.


A pirate themed company founded by Ursa of the Frostlands, and currently commanded by Silverleaf of Jupiter's Stones. Formerly a huge company in several parks, the Guard consolidated and rebuilt after their previous commander, Eisenfaust, became Governor of Tortuga, following a well-planned sacking and maneuver of tactical genius, then mooring the Peregrine Guards original flagship, the Iceberg, there for the defense of his conquest. We sail the skies and seas wearing the colors of Purple and Black and using a bird of prey as our device.


The Peregrine Guard was originally formed by Ursa of the Frostlands with a bunch of gaming buddies turned Amtgarders. It grew quickly and was soon nicknamed the blob. Within a year it was in four different parks and included over 30 members. After near collapse, the Guard has not only rebuilt but expanded, with members spanning the entire Midwest. In 2012 we have undergone a bit of a downswing and are currently in the process of rebuilding once again. The Guard is dedicated to bringing the flurb and honor back into fighting companies, while staying loyal to the Pirate Code.




Order of the Flame - given by Baron Dart, Feb 2007

Order of the Flame - given by Duchess Heartwynd, Oct 2009

Ret. Admiral of the Fleet/Captain of the Southern Belle

Ret. Admiral of the Fleet

Admiral of Tal Dagore

PGS Strix (Flagship of Tal Dagore)

PGS Merlin


PGS Southern Belle

"What happens below deck...STAYS BELOW DECK!"

Admiral of the Rising Winds/Captain of the Ravenous

PGS Ravenous (Flagship of the Rising Winds)


PGS Bachelor's Delight of Madoc's Keep

"On the uproll....FIRE!!!! (Docked)

Admiral of the Rivermoor/Captain of the Shadow Wing

PGS Shadow Wing (Rivermoor)

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