Jackal Company

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Jackal Company

Attempting to git gud in a fighting wasteland.

Vert, a jackal argent, facing sinister.


We are a fighting company formed in December of 2011, in the the Duchy of the Ivory Tower, under the Kingdom of Rivermoor. We are dedicated to growing our skill as fighters, both on a 1v1 and unit basis. We also have artisans, leaders, and members dedicated to service.


  • General - Leader of the Company
  • Commander - XO of the Company
  • Jackal - Full member of the Company
  • Prospect - Prospective member of the Company

Garb and Colors

Our colors are dark green (Vert) and white (Argent). We wear our device as part of our garb.

Company Members

Company Officers:

  • - General
  • Dominic Borgia - First Regiment Commander
  • - Second Regiment Commander
First Regiment
Second Regiment
  • Fallaryn
  • Cycla
  • Aera (Prospect)
  • Thistle (Prospect)
  • Thoror (Prospect)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Order of the Flame, presented by Lord Goose and Lady Silvia - October 2012
  • Second Order of the Flame, presented by Prince Etiene and Regent Kite - April 2013
  • Made a siege-ram for Summer Trials X. It was neat. Did it again for Summer Trials XI. It was still neat.
  • Autocrats of Summer Trials XII - 2014
  • Winners of Stoutmizer III - 2015
  • Winners of IT Tourney Extravaganza I - 2016

Additional Images

JackalMame.jpeg Jackals at MAME 2015

JackalsAutumnTrials.jpeg Jackals at Autumn Trials 2015

JackalsSummerTrials2015.jpegJackals at Summer Trials XIII

Becoming a Jackal

To become a Jackal, talk to one of us. We will vote on you, and decide if we like you enough to have you join.

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