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Mystic Falcons



The Mystic Falcons are a fighting company based on unity and skill over a wide range of fields. We use group based tactics to overcome stronger opponents, and hone our individual fighting skills, whether they be swordplay, magic, or archery.

We also have a strong support contingent known as the Kestrels who play an important roll as generally non-combative support. This includes basic tasks like field page and water bearer and more complicated skills such as armoury or weapon smithing.


The MF'ers, as we tend to be called, were forged in the Fall of '06, when a number of the founders became disenchanted with our former company.

Since then, the MF'ers took several years to find itself, and get a base membership that a) had no baggage, and b) lived up to the founding principles of brotherhood and teamwork above individual glory. That base membership has come into its own, and the MF'ers are ready to rock it.


Tiercels (Leadership)

Falcons (Fighting Members)

Hatchlings (Petitioners)

Kestrels (Support)

Peregrines (Inactive)

  • Kislip Mormont
  • Raven the Muse
  • Lupercus Pendragon
  • Luthir The Bastard
  • Arryk Le Roux
  • Thumper - ∞
  • Moto Moto Bonkotsu - 86
  • Pixieshimmer
  • Skelter
  • Velvet Skye Du'fallen

Sparrowhawks (Friends of Falcons, mostly former members)

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