Grendel Company

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We are a fighting company based off of old Norse/viking caste system. We are an open company which means we do not select our members, our members select us. We pride ourselves on being reasonable, friendly, and honorable. We are service oriented and place having fun above all. The starting rank is a thrall, then Bondi, and finally Jarl or Valkyrie.


Our company was founded as a fighting company and evolved into a extended family. The three founders were Duke Sir Konrad of the Bull clan, Sir Liam Mc'Oi, and Sir Will O' Wisp. They founded the group and fathered the lines that continue to grow today.

Tal Dagore Members

  • Black Hallow
    • Isiri- Thrall

Rising Winds Members

  • Goblin's Hollow
    • Berrian Charmcaster - Thrall
  • Mystik Caverns
    • wolfear - Bondi

Polaris Members