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Asian oriented fighting company originating in Querna Tema, with members mostly concentrated in the lands of the Kingdom of Rivermoor. The company was originally founded by Raion no Yoto and his wife and concubine CioCio.

Clan Raion is is loosely based on the structure of a feudal Japanese/Rokugani family and that family’s army. The membership requirements include: Asian persona, effort to excel and commitment to the organization. Advancement within Raion is based on the individual’s efforts within Amtgard, and the assessment of their superior officers. All members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of Amtgard, fighting, arts and sciences, service and even role-play.

The Clan, though an army, is very family focused, and encourages time spent with one another. Though members are spread across a wide geographical area, they have retreats and other scheduled events to meet together, as well as train together. Raion members are asked to focus on service, fighting or arts and sciences. However all members are encouraged to excel in many areas. Raion members also work to support each other in efforts of running events, holding office, creating equipment and learning new skills.

Clan Raion is heavily inspired by both fantastic and historical Japanese and Chinese sources.


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