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The Darkjesters are a Household in Amtgard, called "DJs" by most people. They are spread across most of the game, in all but a few Kingdoms. The DJs is based on the simple idea of having fun and helping others in the game to do the same. Their motto is something along the lines of: try not to judge others based on one's own morals, and generally attempt to keep an open mind when dealing with people. House Darkjester is one of the largest organizations in the game of Amtgard, and most active; historically, its members are in the forefront of many Events, planning or working, and they count numerous Monarchs and other officials, both current and former, within their debauched ranks.

In 2006, to control the growing number of members and maintain the family feelings, the house split into several regional households that are loosely associated and run by separate heads of house. The branches are:

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