Twin Moons

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a defunct chapter of Goldenvale, located in Buffalo NY.


Buffalo, New York


The Shire of Twin Moons was founded by Squires Abiliegh Cross, Katrina Nightchilde, Vertez Eveningfall and MaA CrownJob. This probably occurred in the middle of the night, in the middle of winter, in the middle of a bottle of José Cuervo. It was most definitely somewhere in the middle of 2007.

The first four quickly dragged the rest of their gaming group out, of whom Torrindas, MaA Timmy Nightchilde, and Page Markus Eisbrecher still play.

Abiliegh Cross and Markus Eisbrecher previously maintained Eagle Valley North, a satellite group to Eagle Valley, in Mechanicsburg, PA. This was the stepping stone group to the first successful, independent park in Buffalo, NY.


Sheriff: Man at Arms Timmy Nightchilde
Regent: Relexorin
Champion: Torindas
Prime Minister: Page Markus Eisbrecher

Contacts and Directions

Delaware Park, Buffalo NY, near the rose garden (call for directions)
Page Markus (Marv) 716-206-8473