22nd Legion

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The 22nd Legion is an Amtgard affiliated household consisting of current and former military service members. We seek to celebrate our shared culture and to offer support to one another within the wider Amtgard community. The name 22nd Legion comes from a VA estimate that twenty-two veterans commit suicide daily. By finding strength in one another, we hope to help reduce this statistic to the lowest possible number.

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Current Kingdom Reps-

Ron Bjerklund - Brynjar, Black Spire
Donald M. Colvin - Goglestofin, Iron Mountain
Jacob Himle - Red Fox, Polaris
Josh MacKay - Anders, Goldenvale
John J Mason - Sven, Desert Winds
Donald Reznicek - Furball Tigris, Wetlands
Alex Blodgett - Corran Gray, Crystal Groves
Richard M Needham - Ulfmani Riggson, Northern Lights
Charles Scrimpsher - Karl von Rot Wyrm, Tal Dagore
Matthew Fuentes - Dragonspine
Donny Gendren - Alexander Ogreslayer Rising winds
Nathaniel Tomlin - Armek Labrys, Emerald Hills


Burning Lands

Emerald Hills

Celestial Kingdom

Golden Plains

Iron Mountains




Never Winter

Black Spire

Rising Winds


Crystal Groves

Desert Winds

  • Sven,

Tal Dagore

Northern Lights