The Locks

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Amtgard Chapter
The Locks
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Status Barony
City Chesapeake
Park Chesapeake City Park
Meets on Sunday at Noon
Founded 2013
Active Defunct

A Barony of Crystal Groves located in Chesapeake, Virginia


The park was founded by Lord Ainvar du Chevalier, Adoven, and Hjalt.

On August 18, 2013, in a surge of growth, a new land was claimed for the brothers and sisters in the southern part of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. In a show of support, many guests from near and afar came for the groundbreaking of the Shire of Lorenia. Although the heroes won the day for Lorenia monsters continued to harass the Shire. As its populace grew the Shire relocated to a land locked in by waterways, changed its name to The Locks and soon became a Barony. Monsters continue to plague the group but a small band remain faithful.

Formerly known as Lorenia, The Locks changed its name in the early part of 2014. Noted as the first chapter created after the advent of ORK3.

The Locks merged with Harbour of Rhye on 12JAN19 to form Port Union. The Locks is defunct in name.


Monarch: Uni

Regent: Xavier Huntgar

Prime Minister: Silver Rathalos

Champion: Zigaphar Darniel


The Locks People

Members without Player Profiles

  • Lord Ainvar du Chevalier
  • Adoven
  • Hjalt
  • Uni
  • Marius Valarius
  • Jester Harley
  • Logan Cormic
  • Fianna Dragonfly
  • Wyrmwud
  • Absiinthe
  • Taylor D.
  • Grimaul Darniel
  • Brutic Darniel
  • Fenrir (Draco)
  • Maxwell Arshuier
  • Seven G.
  • Snapper
  • Caleb


The Carnival

Contacts and Directions

Sundays: Noon until tired

Chesapeake City Park
900 City Park Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23320

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We are located at Pavilion C, located at the North East side of the park. If the pavilion is reserved, we can be found in the wooded area just a bit south of the pavilion. Hope to see you out there.

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