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Drax Cummuni, of Obsidian Grove, Blackspire

”Look! I'm a distraction!”

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Drax Cummuni
Home Park Obsidian Grove
Kingdom Black Spire
Year Started 1999
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Squire


Started playing in the summer of 99 at Greenwood Keep. A few years later, together with some close friends, he formed the fighting company Hounds of Night. For over a year, the Hounds and Devry were the only ones at the park, and maintained its identity for the kingdom. He help leadership positions within Greenwood Keep, including pm, Sherrif, and champion. In 2008, he went on hiatus to join the army. In 2011, Squire Fizh, belted under Sir Kalten offered a man-at-arms belt to Drax, which he wore until 2020, when Sir Kalten promoted him to Squire.

Drax has traveled all over the country, played at most parks in Northern Lights, and formed a park, Flooded Mountains, in 2020. For his work at Flooded Mountains, Drax was bestowed a Lord title. After 2 years, Drax and family moved to Vancouver, and became part of Obsidian Grove.

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Belted Family


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Chief (Lord)

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