King's Point

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a Duchy of Emerald Hills, located in Hurst Tx.


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The first park officers were members of the defunct group known as Forsaken Lands, an ex-petitioning park of the Emerald Hills. Though it's starters may have been from the Forsaken Lands, many players have come and many have gone.



Awarded Duchy Status - October 2013 by King Falamar
Demoted to Barony Status - November 2017 by King Axident
Demoted to Shire Status - November 2018 by King Smiley
Awarded to Barony Status - [Missing award date] Awarded to Duchy Status - June 2023 by Queen Shroudstar

Contacts and Directions

King's Point meets at Hurst Community Park, Sundays at 1 PM. Southwest of the Precinct Line/Pipeline intersection, behind the elementary school and south of the baseball and soccer fields.

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