Black Marsh

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A Barony in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds, located in Lebanon, Indiana.

Amtgard Chapter
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Black Marsh
Kingdom Rising Winds
Status Barony
City Lebanon, IN
Park Abner Longley Park
Meets on Saturdays at noon
Founded 2010
Active '


Started swinging foam in April of 2010. Contract approved with the Burning Lands in January of 2011. Accepted into the Rising Winds as a shire at the Rising Winds Midreign in March 2011. We meet on Saturdays from noon until we're hungry.

History of Black Marsh


Pictures and Media

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Contacts and Directions

This park meets at Memorial Park at 130 E Ulen Dr, Lebanon, IN 46052 on Saturdays at Noon.

Andrew Lane (Keldar) 1-765-891-1186

William Michael George (Talon Stark) 1-765-426-0727

Emily Martin (Gemma) 1*7765-891-2278

Alec Fuller (Revarande Raivardza Ibn La Ahad) 1-765-891-9637

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