Howling Plains

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A barony in the Kingdom of Emerald Hills, located in Wichita Falls, Texas



From the smoldering ashes of the Keep, the Wolves have taken over the plains. Their howls heard rolling along the wind like violent clashes of thunder and lightning. Many have entered this land, and have made it their home. Ruled currently by the Kal, great ruler,and welcoming person. Many have joined to make the park a great place.

The Howling Plains was forged from the ashes of the now defunct Finder's Keep. Rage and Frostt both took a bit of a hiatus for a few years only to come back and find that their park that they so loved and all but disbanded. Only a group of about 3 remained at the time, trying desperately to hold on to the park. Fortunately Rage and Frostt both saw this as an opportunity to start anew. The name Finder's Keep was a horrible joke to begin with, and really truly had no direction. So the brothers decided to let that park die, and from the ashes arose The Howling Plains. The park gets its name due to its general location. Here in Wichita Falls you see quite a lot of flat land, and the howling of the wind is just about all you hear. We treat our players here much more like family than anything else. We welcome new players and extend a hand to past players offering a place in the new park.

Joined Emerald Hills FreeHold 2/22/14 Shire 2/25/15 Barony 10/9/16



Baron - Ziggimus Prime

Regent - Puma

Champion - Art

Prime Minister - Armek Dark Labrys

Guildmaster of Reeves -

Contacts and Directions


      1pm Sundays at Lucy Park, Wichita Falls Tx.
      5pm Wednesdays at Lucy Park, Wichita Falls Tx.

[email protected]

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