Black Hollow

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A Shire of the Kingdom of Tal Dagore, located in Washington, Missouri.

Amtgard Chapter
Black Hollow.png
The Black Hollow
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Status Shire
City Washington, Missouri
Park Lions Lake Park
Meets on Sunday at 12:30pm
Founded 2013
Active Yes


Black Hollow was founded in 2013.

In the early days of creation, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and all the other variety of goodly creatures, set about finding the best defensible piece of land to set up their homes. Several were taken and named. Jupiter's Stones, Trails End, and Knoblands to mention a few. Monsters were on a rampage, destroying everything they could. Eventually, The Kingdom of Tal Dagore marshaled their armies, and pushed the monsters back. They had no where to go. Finally, they were chased to a forsaken plot of land, where evil bred. Stories are told of adventures that braved the Hollow in the dense forest. Few ever return, and those that do are changed forever, into babbling idiots that tell of horrors beyond imagination. The monsters thrived there, calling the demon within their master.

Several years pass, with no mention of the monsters in the Black Hollow, when one day everything changed. The monsters rallied under the dark banner of an unknown Lord. They came forth to threaten the world once again. This time the Kingdom of Tal Dagore was prepared. The monsters were subdued temporarily, but it was enough time. The small town of Black Hollow was built as the first defense should the monsters push forward.

An untamed land of monsters, and artifacts. Few Adventurers brave staying in the settlement, for fear of an uprising. The monsters are gaining control. The King sends few recruits, but asks that volunteers help against the horde that soon will come. Very few that come to help, stay.

Barbarians flock to the Black Hollow for any chance to gain the honor of their gods. Assassins soon follow, as barbarians are easy prey to gain riches from. Others have come, and the town is growing.

Ultimately the monsters will not be denied. They attack the settlement relentlessly. Have faith Tal Dagore, We the warriors of Black Hollow will not fail.

Do you want to volunteer, and help Black Hollow beat back the horde of evil? Then join us and become a legend, and part of history in the making.

Households & Companies

Black Hollow welcomes all fighting companies and households. Fighting Companies and Households that present are;

Fighting Companies

Sol Invictus, Daggers of the Silver Moon, and Saracens


Daggers of the Silver Moon, House of Josh, Anbu Black Ops, Comic Tragedy, Order of the Black Forest


Monarch - Phase Forgotten

Regent -

Prime Minister - Derka

Champion - Fisk

Guildmaster of Reeves -

People of The Black Hollow

Contacts and Directions

Black Hollow meets 3 times a week.

We have A & S ( arts and sciences ) on Wednesday at 6 pm. For directions send a message to either Lady Momma Bear, Starr, or Orion on Facebook.

We have Fighter Practice, on Fridays at 5 pm Krog Park Washington MO, next to the hospital.

We have Regular Park days ( full garb, quests, and battle games ) on Sundays at 1 pm, Lions Lake, Washington MO, by the big pavilion in the Fair Grounds.

Any questions about the park find us on Facebook by looking up Black Hollow Amtgard in the search bar.

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