Ethereal Tides

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Ethereal Tides
Ethereal Tides.jpg
Kingdom Kingdom of Polaris
Status Barony
City Rocester, MN
Park Cooke Park
Meets on Sundays
Founded 2013
Active Active

A Barony of the Kingdom of Polaris, located in Rochester, Minnesota.


Founded in 2013 By Vault and Hercule when they decided to start a new park in south east Minnesota. Originally the park was started in Lake City, MN, but was soon thereafter moved to a park in Rochester, MN. Raphael designed the chapter heraldry and provided them with an Ethereal Tides banner as well as two tunics.
In 2016 the group moved to a more centrally located park in Rochester and soon thereafter saw an explosion of new players. This infusion of new players also saw a number of players with a desire to serve in the role of park leadership. This increased attendance continued throughout the winter and at M.A.M.E. 2017 the chapter was elevated to Barony status.


Davion Blood Heirs
Dog Soldiers of CuChulainn
Far Travellers
Wardens of Shadow's Light


Lorekeepers of Alexandria
XXII Legion

People, Active

Active Players
Aggro Arianna Maksima
Aria Cage Belle Principessa Belthil
Bremen Cain CRSED Wolf
Eolis Gevehard Green Leaf
Haj Alxan Hamcat Hrimfaxi Stigvander
Jonathan Cro-Magnon Kahlan Kameli
Kismit Leopold
Leshil Ful An Mactire Lothric
Megoran Mordecai Nearie
Nyrine Petrus Qadupae| Weatherwax |Aching
Roderick Red Fox |Madra rua
Sir Raphael Snori Kengr Tazz
Theric Wolf Kin Twiggy McShaman Vault Tesla
Vercingetorix Zen of Ethereal Tides


Contacts and Directions

Meets 2 PM on Sundays at Essex Park:
5455 W River Road
Rochester, MN 55901
Google Maps Link

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