Dreadd Jester

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Dreadd Jester, Shire of Centerpoint, Principality of Rivermoor

"Oh come on!! Give it a try. This'll be fun. Nothing bad's gonna happen........."

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Dreadd Jester, as he is currently known, began his Amtgard life as Olann Kram in the barony of Morgaroch with Baron Athisdaine Montoya XVII under the Celestial Kingdom. This all occured back in the early 1990's. He stayed with Morgorach for around 2 years until their unfortunate breakup into two smaller shires. He roamed the land for many years after, experiencing life in all it's glory and difficulties. Before leaving the area of the Celestial Kingdom however he left a prophecy, carved into a wooden table in a regular Amtgard camp area on Ft. Hood TX. The message read, "Kram will return."

During the next 15 years Kram would marry the love of his life Jazzie Riordan, father two children, Molegrave and Elizabeth Rose, change his name to Dreadd Jester, and move far north of the Celestial Kingdom where no laws or rules were laid out. An area void of any mention of Amtgard or it's kingdoms. Here and there he caught bits and pieces of what was going on back in the Celestial Kingdom, crumbs really, but he remembered his days there fondly. He would also hear rumors of small freeholds rising and falling around him before he even knew they existed.

Then one day in mid 2008 Jazzie and Dreadd happend to meet Tigger deCat and Lily who told them of a strong running Amtgard freehold nearby called Centerpoint. After one visit to Centerpoint Jazzie and Dreadd decided to call it home, thus fulfilling his prophecy and returning to Amtgard lands. He has since brought his children into Amtgard and founded a household/company called The Windswords.

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