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Home Park Hollow Mountain
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Year Started 2002
Noble Title Duke
Belt Status Knight

Grand Duke Sir Razor Stonehelm, Defender of Tal Dagore, from Hollow Mountain .

  • ”It is sometimes necessary to ask for forgiveness rather than to ask for permission.”
  • "If I didn't like ya I'd treat you better."


Started playing in the Barony of Blackfire Pass in Columbus, OH in may of 2002. Was active in the Valley of the Twin Rivers in Springfield, Ohio, until entering the Army and was stationed in Colorado Springs CO playing in the Barony of Darkmoon in the Iron Mountains. After getting out of the Army in 2011 Squire Razor moved to Saint Louis area where he now plays at Jupiter's Stones in Tal Dagore where he was Knighted in 2015. A Few years later Sir Razor Moved to Knights Rest, a few years later he moved to Hollow Mountain to be closer to his squires.

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