Jonathon Hawkemoon

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Jonathon Hawkemoon, of King's Point , Emerald Hills

”Who shall we break today?”



Originating from the Boarderlands, Jonathon Hawkemoon's history is a twisted one. Originally from the courts of Mab Queen of the Unseeligh Sidhe, Jonathon was the second son of Mab herself. As things would have it, his elder brother Crown Prince Jassic despised his younger brother, thinking him not a true scion of the Unseeligh Courts. His acceptance of others was thought a weakness though it helped him survive. The Dark Court had no tolerance for those without strenght, whether through Might of Arms or Magic. Because of this Jonathon survived many attempts on his life from a young age. All this did was create a hatred within him for his elder brother. At the age of 16, Jassic had had enough and decided to slay the youngster himself. Only he failed. Knowing his death at the hands of the Queens Executioner was imminent he fled the lands of the Fey. He travelled for many years only to find the beautiful realm of the Boarderlands. He was quickly accepted by his peers and join the fighting company The Dark Hand of the Rose and learned quickly under the tutelage of Hawkeye and Crickett. Riding to the position of Luitenant he stayed within their ranks until the disbanding of the company. Now 24 years later he has joined the people's of King's Point in the Emerald Hills.

Affiliated Groups

Dark Hand of the Rose (disbanded) The Fallen Triumvirate (hfs and dag) Sable Pride (current) House Thug (current)

Belted Family

(Knighted in HFS)

Jonathon is Squired Directly under Sir Smiley, who was Squired to Sir Bearrug, who was Squired to Sir Kamal

Notable Accomplishments

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