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Admiral Baron Squire Cormac ap Tarkus Stormblade Grimwulff MacLeod, Phoenix Tears Kingdom of the Tal Dagore

"... and that's how baby Saracens are made."



Cormac was originally from the Duchy of Turris Lunae in the Celestial Kingdom, where he sprang forth from the earth, fully grown, with an entangle ball in one hand and a dagger in the other. He joined Nemesis Bane, a small local Fighting Company early on. Later, during the first throes of the possible split in the CK, Cormac moved, with his company, to The Gates of Solaris, where he served as the next to last Chancellor before Solaris and Traitor's Hollow reformed into Traitor's Gate.

Once Linden had to tell a friend of his, Jericho Armagh, to sit on him so he wouldn't leave camp. In '97, he left Nemesis Bane, and joined the Saracens. In 2000, he moved to Utah, got married, and moved back to Texas with his wife, Ivey Rose, the following year.

After playing at Traitor's Gate for a while, he helped Giggletoy, Foxfire, and a few others to form Mystic Springs. In 2003, Cormac and Ivey moved to Illinois, took a small unintended hiatus from the game, and then rejoined Amtgard in February, 2006, at Phoenix Tears (Springfield, Ill.) where they are both still very much active.

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