Morrigan McCru

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Baroness Morrigan Dawe McCru Callahorn, of Ironwood, of the Wetlands.

Oh, Ma Chere! THAT was funny!

Morrigan Callahorn
Home Park Ironwood
Kingdom Wetlands
Year Started 1998
Noble Title Baroness
Belt Status Squire



Morrigan has found inner strengths she did not know she possessed in her association with the Amtgard community. While she does not often travel far from the environs of Crimson Moon, her heart is with her home park of Ironwood. She is usually able to lend a hand where needed.

Persona History

(OOC: Mundania called her away in 2010/2011. While she occasionally appears to the surprise of those that know her, she resides in the shadows for now.)

Affiliated Groups

Member of House DeLoki


Member of the White Tiger Company

House Mistress of House Vangard.

Member of House Fierce

Belted Family

Previously Squire to Arch Duke Sir Feral Lynn Hammersong from Summer of 2001/02 to May 2010


Positions Held


  • Geatafyx escorting Baroness Squire Morrigan Dawe McCru Callahorn to receive her 9th Order of the Rose for her Administrative Duties as Emperor Squire Sebastian du Lac's Scribe for Reign XXVI at Endreign XXVI/Coronation XXVII - June 5-7, 2009. Taken by Belladonna on June 6, 2009. (Picture forthcoming)

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