Rewth an Sealgair

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Sir Rewth an Sealgair, of the Duchy of the Northern Holdfast

”My suggestion would be a swift kick in the nuts.... PANTS!”



Rewth joined amtgard back in 1999 at the prodding of Sir Thor after his local IFGS chapter began to fold. He immediately began working on the ORK, the contribution to the club he would become most known for. He is an accomplished archer, sings many a sea chantie, and makes some damn good rum.

Rewth is also fairly well known for being rather loud and obnoxious. He approaches Amtgard with a dry wit, a sharp laugh, and a smart assed grin on his face whenever possible. It is quite rare that he actually takes anything or anyone completely seriously, especially himself.

Rewth was granted the honor of a Master Rose at Rakis 2006. It was noted at the time that it was largely for his constant service to the whole of amtgard, specifically for the ORK and other online utilities and sites. Rewth was elevated to the peerage as a Knight of the Flame at Rakis of 2007.

For his contributions online, Rewth has also become known as one of The Three 'R's. You can read more About Rewth on the in their own words pages.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • The ORK
  • The ORK Companies Edition
  • The ORK Knights Edition
  • The ORK Atlas
  • Numerous other websites and online utilities
  • Contributing Editor on numerous Amtgard 7 Expansion Group projects


  • Master Archer
  • Master Rose


  • Baronet
  • Baron
  • Sensei

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