Attillia The Hun's Birthday Bash

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The First Amtgard event was held on 12 February 1983. Sources differ on how many people were there, Nashomi's First Three Years page credits the event with 40 people being there, however, Tawnee Darkfalcon was quoted in an interview with House Lionesse as saying "Joella Starwatcher (Mandy Burgin), Ward Truestory (Monica Livingston), and Tawnee Darkfalcon (Michele Ellington) were born in a small strip park in East El Paso. Peter Le Grue (James Harren) was the only other person there--although that first day of Amtgard has become rather like Woodstock."

However, it was from this small day of swinging a short sword and a small axe with a mostly photocopied Dagorhir rulebook, that Amtgard was born.

Attila the Hun's Birthday Bash flyer.jpeg
The Flyer you can thank for starting it all.