Lorn Ironwolf

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Duke Sir Lorn Ironwolf of the EH

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Lorn first started playing in the Burning Lands in 1985. During this time, Lorn was a member of House of Thunder and Rock, as well as a Golden Lion before spreading his wings and coming home to the Corsairs. "Quote: Call it social networking before teh interw3bs" Moved to the Emerald Hills in 1990.

Belted Family

First squired to Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon, then taken on by Sir Hellspawn Soulcrusher of The Dark.

Notable accomplishments


Notable Accomplishments

King, Kingdom of the Emerald Hills June 1991-December 1991. Second Corsair King, first in another kingdom other then Burning Lands. Co-creator of both the Emerald and Crimson awards. Together with Theo Blackflame started the first inter kingdom war, which helped spark the way to Banner Wars, and other off shoots.


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