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Duchess Sir Alara the Drake, of Mordengaard, of the Wetlands

”Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”



Long time member of Mordengaard, first appearing in March of 1993, major garb nut (Master Garber with an example chest that has made people complain that their heads hurt from so many options) and Knight of the Serpent. She is almost never seen at a practice without a box of sewing or other craftwork. She has been known to mesmerise passing mundanes with her weaving contraptions, some of whom stick around to play.

Alara loves to teach all things garbing and when she can afford to (which isn't nearly as often as she'd like) will do small seminars away from her home. Anyone who arranges to appear on her doorstep for help will get their brains gleefully melted.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Archon.

Belted Family

  • Sir M'Deth of Benden who Squired:
    • Sir Rufus the Grimwulf who Squired:
      • Dame Alara The Drake

For the unabridged beltline please see this page

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Serpent in 2000 by the Wetlands.
Master Garber


  • 2nd regent of the Wetlands.
  • Was regent of Mordengaard six times and chancellor five times and two terms as regent for Nocturnis.
  • Owns a collection of patterns that out weighs her and Crinos combined.
  • 36th Regent of the Celestial Kingdom.

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