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Ser Drake Chambriayne, Lord Protector of Wetlands

”Today's beating brought to by the letters F and U”



Drake Chambriayne began playing Amtgard in early 1991 after seeing an ad at a local college in Beaumont, Texas that was put up by Rogan Wulfgar. He and his friend, who would become Griffin, had originally wanted to play SCA but Drake was not of eligible age yet, so they 'settled' for Amtgard. While Griffin was not as visible, Drake went on to have a very accomplished 'career' in Amtgard.

While starting off in Darkmoor, which Drake resurrected more than once, he later moved to Granite Spire and Mushroom Shrine.

Drake was knighted in the aspect of Flame in 2000 for contributions to the club, Masterhoods in Rose and Smith, and leading the Circle of Steel for nearly 2 years, a group that help standardize many measurements that are second nature these days in Amtgard.

Currently Drake plays in Mushroom Shrine, province of the Wetlands.


Is featured in the Amtgard Rules of Play, the picture of a druid and healer facing off is a drawing of Drake and Dominick Largos of Darkmoor by Rogan Wulfgar


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