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Squire Luther Vailheart, of Slaughter Creek, Celestial Kingdom

”Dammit Dead!”



Luther started amtgard in 2009 under the name Vahon playing for only a month before leaving due to an injury. starting in 2016 he returned under the name Luther Vailheart and has since found himself belted under sir nightmare at end reign 2016.


Luther was born in the winter in a small mountain village of gray elves. his father a human and mother an elf he of coarse held the traits of both being born a halfling. despite his gray elf lineage, he retained the strength and darker skin of his father's side but all his other features were closer to that of an elf. as a child, he spent most of his days within the blacksmith his father ran within the village learning from a young age the ways of the forge. outside however the many children of the village shunned and bullied him being a halfling made him a constant target. by the age of 17, Luther became restless growing tired of working the forge day in and day out. over the next few years, he would venture out and down the mountain to a human town at the base of the mounted despite his mother's protests, it was here he learned of war and adventure from the many travelers that would pass through. on his twenty-second birthday, he packed his things and made the trip down the mountain for the last time leaving his family and home behind. a few days later he joined the city guard learning to fight from its members. spending many years as a town guard he saw more and more of the travelers he admired but the captain of the guard kept him busy. giving him more than his share of work, the captain had a disdain for elves and even more so for half-elves making things even harder for Luther. eventually, enough was enough, and one day while on guard he left taking his gear and only a small pack with him. for days he traveled finally reaching a small tavern on the borders of an unfamiliar land. the celestial kingdom. within he met a wood elf woman by the name of airynne who after a few hours of chatting agreed to join him in his travels. the two would spend many more months together never staying in one place too long before moving to the next until one night the two arrived at a camp by the name of slaughter creek. they both found the camp to be warmer and more inviting then most of the places they had visited so after a week there Luther asked airynne if she would like to stay with the camp. after talking it over the two decided to make the camp there home.

The next year was spent peacefully living in the camp as it grew to a bustling city wich meant plenty of work as a blacksmith, there was always something that needed fixing or some adventurer seeking a new weapon or armor. overtime Luther grew warry of working the forge and tried his hand at politics. entering the local prime minister election and winning Luther was tossed into office keeping the records and coffers of slaughter creek in check. it was during his time as prime minister that his life would change forever and he would be forced to not only fight and join a rebellion but even kill his best friend and the current Barron. The new king had issued a decree that had the hole of the celestial kingdom up in arms and at each other's throats, the nonhuman registration act. those who sided with the king praised his actions and spouted it would be for the good of the kingdom but many of the nonhumans did not see it that way including Luther and his friend the Barron, they saw the act as branding them like livestock and many of the other provinces within the kingdom proclaimed themselves safe havens or shelters for nonhumans. sadly despite the wishes of both Luther and the Barron slaughter creek would not become one of those safe havens. the baronies champion an anti-paladin held close ties and strong loyalties to the crown and he set about weeding out nonhumans who did not comply with the king's law. during these raids, many nonhumans were slaughtered if they did not comply and those that did escape began to form a rebellion that both the Barron and Luther quickly rallied behind, and things slowly started to move forward until the day of the king's visit to the barony of slaughter creek.

on that day the baron was arrested and brought before the king to be executed, a plan was in place to save him and many nonhumans gathered close by to aid in the effort but the plan failed and all who tried were struck down and in the end, Luther was forced by the king to take an axe to the neck of his friend.

from that day on Luther was a broken man and his mind slowly slipped from him and he succumbed to sorrow and madness, one night while sitting alone in his darkened office and women appeared to him and offered him a choice, stay as he was and spend his life as little more than a shell of who he once had been or accept the gift of a cursed arcane mask that would grant him powers beyond his wildest dreams but at the cost of losing all of the good memories he held. Luther quickly agreed and dawned the mask only spending a few more months in the creek as a rarely seen masked robed figure skulking around late at night. after leaving the creek Luther spent the next year in the service of the witch queen as a blacksmith and enchanter and even at one point rose to the rank of the witch king before stepping back down and shortly after leaving the coven. in his time there Luther had regained his memories and control of the mask and its powers allowing him to freely remove the mask at any time.

Roaming the countryside for a while Luther found that despite the bad memories of the creek it was still his home and he longed to return to his shop and the forge within so he made the trip back to the creek setting up shop as a blacksmith once again.

Affiliated Groups

Arcadian forge - lord of the household

Belted Family

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