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Kingdom of Polaris
Region Covered Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa/Illinois
Founded Gathering of Clans XXXIV (2016)
Principal Parks:
Petitioning Parks:
Defunct Parks:

Kingdom of Polaris

The best Kingdom, located principally in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


2008-2012; The Olympian Years

The Principality of Polaris was founded on April 20th in 2008, along with its sister principality of Rivermoor, out of the remains of the Rosetta Pact. When initially formed the Principality operated for a short time under the provisional name 'Steel Valley' before adopting the name 'Olympus' and [heraldry]. There was much controversy between the remaining chapters of the Rosetta Pact, which included North Haven, Starmount, and Mists of the Dawn. By populace vote, the Duchy of Olympus decided to invite Starmount and Mists of the Dawn to join them. Mists of the Dawn rejected Olympus' invitation because North Haven was not invited into the Principality as well. During that time, the newly reformed chapter of Three Rivers, which had then become Dark Shores, submitted their request to join the Principality and was met with a hearty approval. On February 6th an althing brought Mists of the Dawn into the group. Finally, on December 11th 2011 the Duchy of Olympus voted to leave the Principality.

2012-2016; The Principality of Polaris

Following the departure of Olympus from its Principality, the Imperial court ruled that the principality would be allowed to continue, as the requirement to have an anchor duchy only applied as a criteria for the initial formation of a principality under the Empire's laws. In early 2012 an althing proposal passed which adopted the current name and heraldry of the principality and took effect February 25th 2012. Another development occurred on May 19th, 2012 at The Sequel when Starmount was declared defunct, Frostdagger Falls petitioned to join, and Raven's Nest was accepted into Polaris.

During Gathering of the Clans in 2012 the Crown officers of Rising Winds, Iron Mountains, the Celestial Kingdom, and Polaris met at Archon Camp and came up with a plan to help the Principality prosper. The solution was to have Rising Winds' Duchy, The Frostlands and all groups between them and the Twin Cities join Polaris, and once this union was made the Principality would make a serious effort to attain kingdom status within three years. In early November 2012 Ice Haven and The Frostlands became part of the Principality as Polaris under the Rising Winds as planned. Following this a new culture began to form which was based on an exaggeration of American Nationalism. The people began to call themselves Polaricans and adopted the current heraldry in Red, White, and Blue.

Polaris continued to grow and prosper. At Day of Games: Movie Edition/Polaris Endreign in May 2013, the Circle of Monarchs voted to bring in Crimson Circle into the fold. After that Wolfheim in Fort Atkinson joined the Principality. Another large jump forward took place at Great Adventurer's Challenge/Polaris Midreign and Weaponmaster in July 2014, when Ethereal Tides was officially welcomed into Polaris, and Raven's Nest as well as Crimson Circle were promoted to Barony; while Mists of the Dawn was promoted to Duchy. In December of 2014 at the Endreign of Prince Queball the chapter of Ten Towns was brought in the 11th chapter of the principality's history. In May 2015 the principality started its "good year" push as part of its kingdom bid kicking off at M.A.M.E. 2015 which drew 177 Polaricans. The average attendance of the by the end of the "good year" would come out to well over 120. At GAC 2015, Crimson Circle was promoted to Duchy. Following the conclusion of the "good year" Blackhelm Keep was taken into the fold at M.A.M.E. 2016.

2016-2021; The Dawn of the Kingdom and the rise of the Plague King

At Gathering of the Clans XXXIV by unanimous vote of Amtgard's Circle of Monarchs Polaris became the 21st Kingdom created in the History of Amtgard. Great revelry was had at Polaris Camp that weekend. In the Summer of 2017 North Haven, another former chapter of the Rosetta Pact, was added to the Kingdom.

As the years went on Polaris continued to thrive, adding parks like Greenharbor and Crescent Valley in Minnesota and even expanding into northern Illinois with the addition of Haven Hills, Jade Hill, and Forsaken Asylum. Boasting solid attendance growth both at the Kingdom and Chapter level, Polaris was heading strong into 2020. However in early March of 2020, the world-wide outbreak of Covid 19 changed things. It is speculated that the Blood Eagle execution of Broton is what caused the plague to reach the borders of Polaris. King Leshil Ful An MacTire, with support of the Monarchy and populous of Polaris, declared that all in person attendance be suspended and that all current Chapter Officers will maintain their office until regular play could resume. Thanks to Stoneborn Keep's Samael McNikle Polaris was able to move all of their online activities to the new Kingdom Discord. Some Chapters were able to adjust to these changes better than others, but the Kingdom came together in November 2020 for Polaricon, an online Kingdom convention.

After many months of online interaction Polaris opened back up fully in June. Due to the late start, they were not able to hold M.A.M.E however successfully held G.A.C, two bonus Fighting/A&S tournaments, Shadow of Corruption, and even an in person Polaricon as the Kingdom moved into 2022.

Current Officers

For previous reigns please see the Polaris Monarchy page.

Board of Directors
Kingdom Files and Information


Crescent Valley

Willmar, Minnesota

Crimson Circle

Greenbay, Wisconsin.

Ethereal Tides

Rochester, Minnesota.

North Haven

Glen Ellyn, IL

Raven's Nest

Mankato, Minnesota.


Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Jade Hill


Prior Lake, Minnesota

Tanaka's Gift

Milwaukee, WI

World's End

East Grand Forks, Minnesota

The People of Polaris

Also called Polaricans.

Polaris Holy Sites

  • By decree of King Akyo in 2019, the Steak Buffet in La Crosse, WI was elevated to the level of Holy Site

Polaris Holidays

Additional Information

The Kingdom has a newsletter called Mos Majorum which is published a few times per reign.

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