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A Color

  1. a white strip indicates an Enchantment with a Defensive effect, such as Circle of Protection, Adaptive Blessing and Stoneskin.
  2. a White Magic Ball is a Iceball.
  3. a White Phoenix device must be worn by Paladins.
  4. in Heraldry White or Silver is called Argent.
  5. a White Sash is worn by a Barbarian.
  6. In Medieval Europe Argent, white or silver was thought to signify peace and sincerity.
  7. In China, traditionally, white was the symbol of West and Metal, one of the main five colors.
  8. In Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese tradition, white is the color of mourning and death.
  9. In Indian tradition, white is also the color of purity and sacredness. It is also used for depicting Peace and Purity. However it is also the color of mourning. People wear white after death of any of their family members.


If someone is wearing White face paint and a Black armband they are probably a Vampire.
Under 6.0 Rules White Enchantment Strips were used on weapons to denote Poison. 2