Hamlet Porcus

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Hamlet Porcus
Current Park Dark Shores
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2003
Company Einherjar
Noble Title Baronet
Belt Status Squire to Sir Belthil
Paragon Status Paragon Bard

Overlord Squire Hamlet Porcus, the Second Sword of Polaris, of Dark Shores, Kingdom of Polaris


Hamlet started out watching the great fighters of Three Rivers when he was a young boy. Finally, after years of watching, he was able to fight. He went into battle as a Healer alongside his family, Hagar the Horrible and Wolfgar Shield-Breaker. Tragically, when Three Rivers was disbanded, he disappeared from battle for many of year. He eventually returned to Dark Shores in 2011 in magnificent fashion, wowing all noobs in his wake. Since then, he's become one of the more prominent figures of Dark Shores, always willing to help people on and off the battlefield.

Belt Line

Affiliated Groups

Einherjar - Fighting Company


Notable Accomplishments

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